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The craziest most hilarious way to unite teams - use laughter! | Suit up!


  • A hilarious and fun experience of completing tasks together while wearing inflatable Sumo suits the whole way.

Program Description

The best way to break down barriers between staff is to use laughter. The “Japanese Game Show teambuilding” is so funny and crazy it will unite staff in a memorable team bonding experience forever!

If you are bored with normal teambuildings this is for you. If you’ve seen those crazy Japanese Game shows, then you will like this unique series of team building games. Singapore’s hottest team building activity in 2017.


What happens:

We start with crazy! Members suit up in big inflatable Japanese Sumo suits. Just the team photo for starters is one way to make the rest of the company think: wow I wish I worked for that department!

Teams are challenged to move the sushi plates across the room. What makes it difficult, is that the plates can only be moved in a specific order eg from large to small.

This means teams have to quickly work out the most efficient way to move them.  While they take turns as individuals to move the plates, they quickly learn they really have to be aligned as a team to compete more efficiently.


Power teams combine speed with strategy!

What happens:

Godzilla has come to Singapore. Teams compete to see which can negotiate and communicate well with Godzilla to walk through Singapore without him knocking down our iconic buildings. Staff must communicate clearly where to turn or stop, or short sighted Godzilla will bring chaos to Singapore’s beautiful skyline.


Learn to communicate under pressure. Often under stress or rushed deadlines we short cut our communication with disastrous effects.

A clean start for your team:

One person cannot keep the company clean! You need everyone to do their part. Teams have to colaborate and communicate properly to get the cleaning down efficiently.


Teamwork is not a remote control game, it requires hands on effort from everyone!


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Smile while you Motivate. Laugh while you Innovate!

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Japanese Gameshow Teambuilding

The craziest most hilarious way to unite teams - use laughter!

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